"Graphic Design Unleashed"

... because time is the most expensive commodity.


I have found a natural love for graphic design as it relates to the printed media which flows right into supporting web collateral as well.

Poster design
Personal or commercial calendars
Save the Date cards
Seasonal cards
Business packages
Desktop Publishing
Layout for books, directories, newsletters
Graphic Design
Video Editing

All you have to do is simply click here to request a project review meeting. I will personally contact you right away to schedule a convenient meeting time.


Kathy Kinney is an educated and experienced Graphic Designer in the area of Visual Communications for business and non-profits. She currently lives in Lynnwood, Washington with her husband Jonathan, and black cat “Baby”. She and Jonathan occasionally take an art class together and collaborate on web development and hosting infrastructure.  Kathy’s most cherished pass-time is walking on the Edmonds waterfront — taking in one of the most beautiful sunset viewpoints in the Puget Sound.

While working as the Marketing & Graphics Director of a local business, side projects mounting, and a desire to spend more time with family; Kathy decided it was time to launch the freelance design firm she owns and operates today…KDesign007.

Customer Comments

That is one GORGEOUS design!

– a local construction product developer.

“You’re amazing.”

– the anonymous backer of a local watercolor artist’s online gallery.

“Thank you SO much for doing such a great job on my summer RV ad… You Rock.”

– Sam, ad sales dept of a Washington publisher.

“Thank you so much for designing our business cards and checking around for (printing) prices. You are such a dear!”

– Valerie, of Gardens of Fun, Caldwell, ID

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