Under water again!

This summer I am facing a few of my fears…

This weekend, Jonathan and I and a bunch of friends went to float the Jordan River around Darrington and the current proved to be stronger than me in my inner-tube.

Calm Surfaces can have turbulant under currents

Calm Surfaces can have turbulent under currents

As I faced the branches of a fallen tree and the submersion beneath it, my thoughts were amazingly calm. I realized that I am probably one of the luckiest people in the world to have experienced enough of this “life” that I wouldn’t feel cheated if it ended now. Not saying I gave up in that moment but I knew I was taken care

of and God would come through for me however this turned out.

Sure it was scary. Yes, I got hurt, but give it a week or so and I’ll be as good as new. I worried what Jonathan would go through if I didn’t make it, and if he would see the danger in time to save himself. But I wasn’t really worried about my life this time, compared to the 3 min. ordeal in the Wenatchee River earlier this summer.Of course, I downplayed my injuries a lot so as not to scare the others who where floating behind me and saw me go under so fast. Only one other guy got swept under and he sustained about the same amount of injury.

Now, I am kinda banged up, and have a great story to tell!