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You Suck

Is your communication with other people something like this?

Strange how we are so forgiving of people we just met and yet the people who are closest to us we can’t seem to give a break. Like somehow we just know they meant the ultimate betrayal by just the stupidest innocent comment. I have done it too. It seems to have become a normality for me in my life whenever I open my mouth — people assume the worst. I wish I could somehow put a filter on my lips so people could hear my heart instead of my words … but that sounds dangerous too.

I have to realize that sometimes it has more to do with the other persons frame of reference and ways of communication than it has to do with me. When I have done all that I can, profusely apologized, discussed and clarified a miscommunication verbally, prayed through it, and still I can’t resolve a miscommunication; maybe it’s not really about me ….