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WordPress Image Insertion & Optimization

Wordpress: Martha's Landing Condo's

WordPress: Martha’s Landing Condo’s

Several of my clients use WordPress as their website content management system, as do I. Depending on your comfort level with technology, WordPress can have a steep learning curve especially if you have a day job.

Here are 3 excellent resources you can use to make your posts more effective on your WordPress site. Study the optimization notes provided as this will greatly help your site function at it’s optimal speed and efficiency. I’ve seen clients take down their website’s server every-time they upload an image because they refused to optimize images (usually these are people with semi-professional camera equipment but no idea why they would need to downsize their images for the web).

  1. Wordpress: Edmonds Adventist Church

    WordPress: Edmonds Adventist Church

    Images are a vital part of grabbing a visitor’s attention but they can also slow down your website if not optimized properly. See these tips on optimizing images for your WordPress site. (Read more)

  2. So you have a WordPress site and a determination to learn how insert your own images into your posts. Here’s the tutorial for you! (Read more)
  3. This is the most thorough explanation of how and why you should optimize images for the web. So What If You Don’t Have Photoshop? See item 4! (Personally, I have used GIMP before with satisfactory results.) (Read more)

I hope this helps you to become more comfortable with your WordPress site and one of many things you can do with it to attract visitors!