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The Cheer Thief

Who or what is stealing your joy? Why are you allowing it to happen? Is this really going to matter in a year or more? Are you just pasting on a smile everyday for those who you think can’t handle the truth?

It’s easy to fill our lives with lots of “good” things that can clutter our thinking and take over every moment from the time we drag our bodies out of bed in the morning to the moment we fall exhausted back into bed at night. One important thing to remember is that anything worth doing is worth doing to the best of your ability. Most importantly though make time to reflect and pray. Even Jesus spent considerable time in prayer while here on earth so that he would have a strong connection with the father and do everything in a way that would glorify the father.

If you took a look at my calendar you would know where I am coming from. 😉 Of course, I expect you have a very busy life also and know exactly what I mean. So in this rambling blog I am simply saying: Keep it simple, always do your best, and stay focused on Christ! This is the only way I have found to find any balance in life and keep a joyful cheerful attitude. But hey, I am just learning right along with everyone else… what do I know anyways?

Need more perspective? Check out Hebrews 11 – 12 and today’s devotional.