Email address change, changing reply to email address in Outlook 2007

So you have changed your email address over from AOL or Hotmail to something on your existing domain. Great!

Your email address now looks more professional, and you’ve even setup and now your explanation of your email address takes even less time to explain over the phone! What about those clients who can’t seem to remember that your email address has changed?

If you are using an email manager like Outlook 2007, you can simply change the reply to address setting on the old email address to be your new address. Also make sure you set your new address to be your default email address for all new outgoing emails to avoid confusing people. Here’s a few simple steps how to change your reply to address in Outlook 2007, for other versions see your user’s manual or best of luck in your continued search.

This tutorial assumes you still have access to both old and new email addresses and now have both setup in Outlook.

Launch Outlook.

Click on Tools, and then Options

In the Mail Setup tab, click on E-mail Accounts.

Your new email address should be set as the default (shown at the top)

Click on your old email address account  to select it.

Click on the Change button

A window will open where you should have already setup account settings, incoming and outgoing servers, and username and password for your email.

Click on More Settings


In the general tab of your old email address, change the reply email address to your new email address so that when you receive emails from the old address, you will reply to the recipient with your new address.

*NOTE:¬† It doesn’t hurt to add a slight change your signature line which states that this is your new email address and request that recipients update their contact information for you.

When you are finished, click Ok

Click Next and then Finish.