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The Wow Factor

There are so many inspiring things out there in the world, especially in the design community.

My experience putting together event and wedding invitations has been exciting, though nothing compared to this unique wedding invitation with a paper record player! I sometimes wish I had time to just stroll around the various paper stores and soak up all the newest trends or pull things apart and figure out how they are supposed to work.

Paper Record Player from kellianderson on Vimeo.

Another idea I stumbled upon today was a philanthropic effort that began with a simple coat-sleeping-bag concept from a design student that became The Detroit Empowerment Plan by housing and employing homeless women to create the new product at no cost for homeless people who wanted and needed it.

Sleeping Bag Coat

Design students idea for the Homeless becomes The Detroit Empowerment Plan


Of all the cool things that can be done, the “Wow Factor” of all these neat ideas and revolutionary concepts seems so empty if it doesn’t solve a problem or have a lasting effect on the society around it. The ideas and trends which constantly shape our world, politics, the way we communicate, and do business  is … dare I say, fun to explore; yet I recognize that I simply want to have made some good effect on the world around me when I am gone. I don’t want my life to simply be the selfish acquisition of status and stuff! There’s nothing wrong with having nice things or creating a good life … but I desire something so intangible that I find it hard to see the purpose in just a decent design.

Is anything we do helping anyone in a lasting way? Maybe we aren’t supposed to know or maybe the true purpose hasn’t been revealed yet. So I continue, each day doing whatever I can and seeking… ever seeking a better life. No, perhaps not the “American Dream”, but perhaps the life you imagine you would have peace about in your final moments.

More Bizzaro World!!

Very interesting… The Colbert Show revealed that the national average teachers salary has been much more than we all suspected. You can read all the dissection of the issues on HuffPost, but my point is, teachers make more than my husband or I do! Shocking! So why are we always hearing that they barely make anything? Check it out!

Focus in all the wrong places

Society today seems so focused in all the strangest places
What kind of car you drive?
What zip code you live in?
From your annual income, to fashion sense, sex appeal, tanning, mani-pedicures, waxing, etc.
Even which salon you get all this done at and which retail store you paid for your shoes.
You see this everywhere, consumerism, and with it the desire for a feeling of importance or status.
There are even important status issues with which generation of iPod you own!
It never seems to bother me more than when I head out of town and see the way that people interact, parading in front of each other not only their fashion sense but their gadgets, professional title, even their expense accounts.
Why does any of this matter?
It’s all meaningless!
Not that we can’t find joy in these, and many other things …but how and why do we think we can extrapolate our worth from possessing them? And what is that supposed to accomplish anyway? Is it all some sort of social manipulation?

Shopping … more like restocking

This happened a week ago but it still makes me smile!

One more pass through the grocery store as I “restocked the shelves” with a case of Top Ramen, a few tempting flavors of ice cream, and a very nice bottle of wine…. Talking myself down with things like: No wine tonight anyway, I have too many things to accomplish right now. I don’t need the calories. I should be eating vegetables instead of top ramen and ice cream. Finally ending with… it’s NOT in the Budget!

At the checkout counter, everything rang up very quickly as the adorable young blond cheerfully chattered about just a few more hours of work. She paused for a moment to ask if I wanted the Coke left out …. What? I hadn’t grabbed a Coke!

I looked down to see that she had rung up a fist full of candy bars also which were quickly claimed by the next guy in line. I had to do a double-take… the one with the major sweet tooth was an attractive, physically fit, well dressed, clean cut looking gentleman. I had to laugh inside at the irony of my trip around the store restocking the shelves with all the stuff I really would love to indulge in and where I am in my fitness program at this time in comparison to this gentleman.

Of course it was probably for his wife or something, but thank God for those moments in “Bizzarro World”; they let me know I am still alive! I’ll budget for the Moscato and have it another night, I feel a Bunko girls night is coming up soon anyway.

Bizarre Coffee Cup

Quad Shot Breve Mocha

Like many people, I frequent a barista on my way to my (sometimes stressful) marketing/graphics director job.
Again, like others I know, I don’t always drink it before it gets cold. So naturally I warm it up in the microwave for about 1.50 minutes.

In the last few weeks I have noticed a change in cup materials that causes the base of the cup to begin to burn in the microwave and smells like I just lit our paper bin on fire. Photos attached. This also happens with whatever Starbucks is using too.

Very weird! A side effect of using even 10% post consumer recycled paper?

Screw Tradition, a well timed necessity delivered is way better

Gods timing is impeccable! Jonathan and I both mentioned “needs” for our Christmas wish list this year. We go all practical so we won’t feel guilty or something…whatever! Jonathan was getting frustrated that his computer mouse would randomly click above where he intended to click among other oddities. So when I stayed home one day and his new gaming mouse arrived, I couldn’t help but encourage him to break the rules and open it early! I have really needed an outlet for a lot of the angst I have been feeling so I asked for a treadmill. Tonight, an absolutely perfect used treadmill was delivered to our door!God is good!

Wenatchee Rafting and Camping Adventures

Here are some pics of Jon and I, on a recent rafting adventure with some of his family.

5/24/08: the day we all flipped out of the raft in the Wenatchee River.

Labeled: Private Boaters/ 5-24-08 Blue Boat 8

(I’m the one in the back without a splash jacket or helmet! Jon is at the front in all black and looking fierce.)

And then here is this weekend’s (6/7/08) rafting trip.

Labeled: Private Boaters/ 6-7-08 Blue Boat 11

(I’m the one at the back with a red helmet and splash jacket this time! Jon is beside me.)

Enjoy! 😉