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Year ending – Holiday letter

Well, I suppose its that time of year! I refuse to do a Christmas letter this year. Not lazy… so busy I can barely see straight. No Christmas cards have even been signed or sent out… probably will only happen for the grandparents this year but I wanted to recall a few good things that happened this year

    • We have been working on our debt snowball… it’s slowly getting bigger and overtaking our larger bills.
Baby rolling around in a pile of $100's
Baby rolling around in a pile of $100’s
    • We bought a newer Corolla, cash in hand, and it felt really great not incurring another car payment. Of course, we had to throw the cash on the bed first and let our cat roll around on it since we were too embarrassed to be caught on camera doing such a silly thing.
    • My brother and his family came to visit briefly a few times this year as he took interviews all over the country looking for work in his new area of expertise, lineman.
    • Put my life in my new sis-in-law’s hands by taking a motorcycle ride with her
It was a necessity ... we ran out of Monster
It was a necessity … we ran out of Monster
    • Mostly we spend time with family and friends whenever we aren’t working. This year we’ve been blessed to see two new nieces added to our extended family. They couldn’t be more perfect representations of their parents.
    • As you can see Jonathan is feeling more like himself these days… praise the Lord
My best friend
  • We continually rediscover what a treasure it is to just sit and talk to each other. I really did married my best friend
  • Oh, we moved to a less expensive rental and applied the difference to our debt; we are getting far too responsible in our old age. (Speaking of which, it blows my mind we are both now in our 30’s!) Anyways, the best part is we are right in between Richmond Beach and Edmond’s Waterfront now and if I make it home in time, we get to enjoy a sunset together too. We are so blessed.
Richmond Beach Lookout Point

Wishing you an uplifting new year and I hope you find reasons to celebrate each and every new day.

Bizarre Coffee Cup

Quad Shot Breve Mocha

Like many people, I frequent a barista on my way to my (sometimes stressful) marketing/graphics director job.
Again, like others I know, I don’t always drink it before it gets cold. So naturally I warm it up in the microwave for about 1.50 minutes.

In the last few weeks I have noticed a change in cup materials that causes the base of the cup to begin to burn in the microwave and smells like I just lit our paper bin on fire. Photos attached. This also happens with whatever Starbucks is using too.

Very weird! A side effect of using even 10% post consumer recycled paper?

Screw Tradition, a well timed necessity delivered is way better

Gods timing is impeccable! Jonathan and I both mentioned “needs” for our Christmas wish list this year. We go all practical so we won’t feel guilty or something…whatever! Jonathan was getting frustrated that his computer mouse would randomly click above where he intended to click among other oddities. So when I stayed home one day and his new gaming mouse arrived, I couldn’t help but encourage him to break the rules and open it early! I have really needed an outlet for a lot of the angst I have been feeling so I asked for a treadmill. Tonight, an absolutely perfect used treadmill was delivered to our door!God is good!

Wedding & Honeymoon pics

Jonathan has posted Wedding and Honeymoon pics online for you to eeww and aahhh and mock our goofiness and nerdiness… Have fun!

Or see below:

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Under water again!

This summer I am facing a few of my fears…

This weekend, Jonathan and I and a bunch of friends went to float the Jordan River around Darrington and the current proved to be stronger than me in my inner-tube.

Calm Surfaces can have turbulant under currents

Calm Surfaces can have turbulent under currents

As I faced the branches of a fallen tree and the submersion beneath it, my thoughts were amazingly calm. I realized that I am probably one of the luckiest people in the world to have experienced enough of this “life” that I wouldn’t feel cheated if it ended now. Not saying I gave up in that moment but I knew I was taken care

of and God would come through for me however this turned out.

Sure it was scary. Yes, I got hurt, but give it a week or so and I’ll be as good as new. I worried what Jonathan would go through if I didn’t make it, and if he would see the danger in time to save himself. But I wasn’t really worried about my life this time, compared to the 3 min. ordeal in the Wenatchee River earlier this summer.Of course, I downplayed my injuries a lot so as not to scare the others who where floating behind me and saw me go under so fast. Only one other guy got swept under and he sustained about the same amount of injury.

Now, I am kinda banged up, and have a great story to tell!

Wenatchee Rafting and Camping Adventures

Here are some pics of Jon and I, on a recent rafting adventure with some of his family.

5/24/08: the day we all flipped out of the raft in the Wenatchee River.

Labeled: Private Boaters/ 5-24-08 Blue Boat 8

(I’m the one in the back without a splash jacket or helmet! Jon is at the front in all black and looking fierce.)

And then here is this weekend’s (6/7/08) rafting trip.

Labeled: Private Boaters/ 6-7-08 Blue Boat 11

(I’m the one at the back with a red helmet and splash jacket this time! Jon is beside me.)

Enjoy! 😉

Design Employment Acquired

I got a job.

This morning, I received an offer for a creative advertising & layout position in Everett, WA.

Thank you all sooo much for all your prayers and unconditional love and support.

Here’s a snippet of the kinds of work I get to do there.


Expect the Unexpected

Do you think we are just supposed to received everything we want or need without asking? without faith?
Isaiah 30:18 NLT

What if we allow ourselves to be consumed by worry and anxious thoughts? Can we expect our prayers of “faith” to be heard? Prov. 15:15

Or would praying for a new job, car, house, etc. be just lip service to God if we continue believing the worst will happen anyways? 1 Peter 3:10

God is a God of love and compassion. Yes, He knows our hearts but even HE hates when we are two-faced…. Why do we even bother coming to him with troubles if we don’t believe he wants to bless us anyways?

Picture a daughter coming to her father asking for $20 for gas because she’s almost out and needs to get to school. She KNOWS he’ll give it to her. All she has to do is ask. He wants all things good for his child so he gladly goes out of his way to get her whatever she needs even if he doesn’t have $20 on him, he might follow her to the gas station and fill her tank and check all the fluids, tire pressure, etc. How much more do you think your heavenly father loves you?!

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20

The Cheer Thief

Who or what is stealing your joy? Why are you allowing it to happen? Is this really going to matter in a year or more? Are you just pasting on a smile everyday for those who you think can’t handle the truth?

It’s easy to fill our lives with lots of “good” things that can clutter our thinking and take over every moment from the time we drag our bodies out of bed in the morning to the moment we fall exhausted back into bed at night. One important thing to remember is that anything worth doing is worth doing to the best of your ability. Most importantly though make time to reflect and pray. Even Jesus spent considerable time in prayer while here on earth so that he would have a strong connection with the father and do everything in a way that would glorify the father.

If you took a look at my calendar you would know where I am coming from. 😉 Of course, I expect you have a very busy life also and know exactly what I mean. So in this rambling blog I am simply saying: Keep it simple, always do your best, and stay focused on Christ! This is the only way I have found to find any balance in life and keep a joyful cheerful attitude. But hey, I am just learning right along with everyone else… what do I know anyways?

Need more perspective? Check out Hebrews 11 – 12 and today’s devotional.