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Email address change, changing reply to email address in Outlook 2007

So you have changed your email address over from AOL or Hotmail to something on your existing domain. Great!

Your email address now looks more professional, and you’ve even setup and now your explanation of your email address takes even less time to explain over the phone! What about those clients who can’t seem to remember that your email address has changed?

If you are using an email manager like Outlook 2007, you can simply change the reply to address setting on the old email address to be your new address. Also make sure you set your new address to be your default email address for all new outgoing emails to avoid confusing people. Here’s a few simple steps how to change your reply to address in Outlook 2007, for other versions see your user’s manual or best of luck in your continued search.

This tutorial assumes you still have access to both old and new email addresses and now have both setup in Outlook.

Launch Outlook.

Click on Tools, and then Options

In the Mail Setup tab, click on E-mail Accounts.

Your new email address should be set as the default (shown at the top)

Click on your old email address account  to select it.

Click on the Change button

A window will open where you should have already setup account settings, incoming and outgoing servers, and username and password for your email.

Click on More Settings


In the general tab of your old email address, change the reply email address to your new email address so that when you receive emails from the old address, you will reply to the recipient with your new address.

*NOTE:  It doesn’t hurt to add a slight change your signature line which states that this is your new email address and request that recipients update their contact information for you.

When you are finished, click Ok

Click Next and then Finish.

morning run

What made YOU smile today?

morning runToday, I begin full time self-employment. I started out with worship and a walk outside. What a beautiful sunny day!

As I headed outdoors, I was quickly reminded how jealously I had looked at the morning runners I used to drive by on my morning commute. I smile now because I am one of them, and I feel great starting my day like this.

What made you smile today? And if you had the freedom of time and ability to sculpt your lifestyle, how would you start your day?

Inspiration Strikes


Inspiration sometimes strikes at inopportune times: in the shower, in a dream, on your morning run or commute. How do you capture these fantastic ideas?

As a designer or creative thinker, you may have noticed that those “aha” moments happen at the most inopportune times.

One of my favorite cartoonists, from, showcased this concept at one point depicting a freelancer who couldn’t get a breakthrough idea until finally taking a break for a shower. The perfect idea hit at the very moment he was fully lathered up and not at all able to jot anything down. Ironic. Comical. And I have to say this has happened to me more often than not, usually when I am just falling asleep, running on the treadmill, or driving down the road. The worst is when I dream about projects I am working on and then I can’t remember if it was real or a dream.

As embarrassing as it sounds, I recently had to clarify with my boss on one point about a product I am promoting. Sure enough, I dreamed the entire thing. I wish I could say my dream lead to a great idea, but… at least it rendered a hearty laugh!

Some productivity gurus promote the following tips for capturing great ideas:

  • keep a small notepad near your bed
  • utilize taskpad, notepad, or voicememo apps on your phone
  • of course, you can always paper your home office in Post its… if you enjoy the organized chaos it creates.

Find a technique that works best for you and keep plugging away at your project one step at a time. Let us know what works for you.

Are you who you wanna be?

Driving to work, mulling over the things I have yet to do and the week has barely even begun. My iPod shuffles to a Switchfoot song “This is Your Life” and I am reminded that the most important thing is what I do with today. The past is past, I can never change it. The future is still yet to come … so all I ever really have is today.

Some may say music has very little value or effect but I believe that it is a constantly open window to the soul. Given thought provoking content, it can cause one to do some of the most feared things in this society… to think and to change.

Consequences of Student Loans

This is such an extremely important message! I have to say even though I was blessed to be able to finish school, I have a degree in my desired field, and even got a job in my profession … the pressure of student loan debt can be overwhelming. That is the ultimate understatement! The pressure is so intense that usually I will not think about it beyond the time it takes to make the monthly payment or during our family monthly “budget meeting”.

Recent college graduates are facing such high levels of debt, unmanageable levels of debt, that they’re holding off on having families, buying a car, buying a home, and being active community and citizen members in our country. So unfortunately, we are no longer seeing what the goal and the purpose of higher education is supposed to be founded on…  (Excerpt from YouTube “Student Debt: Denying the American Dream”)

Wanting to make a difference …
Work in your strengths …
Do something important …
Create a life around your passion …

These were the things that motivated me when, at age 24, I evaluated the price of my future in terms of student loans. College was all about proving something to myself — proving that I really could set goals and achieve them. Proving that I wasn’t as low as I was made to feel every day. Finding that I could push myself and contribute something amazing and then dig down a little deeper and find that I could even do better than that.

So is the cost of college worth the decades of sacrifice and stress that seems to follow? I’m not sure. many people are self taught entrepreneurs, others lie on their resumes to get a job to get experience, and others just seem so talented that someone took them in and apprenticed with them. Every day is a learning experience.

Is college worth possibly never having children?  If this is something you want out of life, you may want to have kids first…. At the time, I certainly had no intentions of having kids — but a lot changes in the time it takes to get your Bachelors degree. Each person will have to make up their own mind about that issue, no one can tell you what is best for you.

If you are thinking about college or maybe already finished, please learn to manage your money!  If that’s the only thing you focus on for the next year, I don’t care, but DO IT!

One possible solution to going to college minus the debt, see the video below. (I am not an affiliate, just a fan.)

More Bizzaro World!!

Very interesting… The Colbert Show revealed that the national average teachers salary has been much more than we all suspected. You can read all the dissection of the issues on HuffPost, but my point is, teachers make more than my husband or I do! Shocking! So why are we always hearing that they barely make anything? Check it out!

Focus in all the wrong places

Society today seems so focused in all the strangest places
What kind of car you drive?
What zip code you live in?
From your annual income, to fashion sense, sex appeal, tanning, mani-pedicures, waxing, etc.
Even which salon you get all this done at and which retail store you paid for your shoes.
You see this everywhere, consumerism, and with it the desire for a feeling of importance or status.
There are even important status issues with which generation of iPod you own!
It never seems to bother me more than when I head out of town and see the way that people interact, parading in front of each other not only their fashion sense but their gadgets, professional title, even their expense accounts.
Why does any of this matter?
It’s all meaningless!
Not that we can’t find joy in these, and many other things …but how and why do we think we can extrapolate our worth from possessing them? And what is that supposed to accomplish anyway? Is it all some sort of social manipulation?

Shopping … more like restocking

This happened a week ago but it still makes me smile!

One more pass through the grocery store as I “restocked the shelves” with a case of Top Ramen, a few tempting flavors of ice cream, and a very nice bottle of wine…. Talking myself down with things like: No wine tonight anyway, I have too many things to accomplish right now. I don’t need the calories. I should be eating vegetables instead of top ramen and ice cream. Finally ending with… it’s NOT in the Budget!

At the checkout counter, everything rang up very quickly as the adorable young blond cheerfully chattered about just a few more hours of work. She paused for a moment to ask if I wanted the Coke left out …. What? I hadn’t grabbed a Coke!

I looked down to see that she had rung up a fist full of candy bars also which were quickly claimed by the next guy in line. I had to do a double-take… the one with the major sweet tooth was an attractive, physically fit, well dressed, clean cut looking gentleman. I had to laugh inside at the irony of my trip around the store restocking the shelves with all the stuff I really would love to indulge in and where I am in my fitness program at this time in comparison to this gentleman.

Of course it was probably for his wife or something, but thank God for those moments in “Bizzarro World”; they let me know I am still alive! I’ll budget for the Moscato and have it another night, I feel a Bunko girls night is coming up soon anyway.