Customer Comments

That is one GORGEOUS design!

– a local construction product developer.

“You’re amazing.”

– the anonymous backer of a local watercolor artist’s online gallery.

“Thank you SO much for doing such a great job on my summer RV ad… You Rock.”

– Sam, ad sales dept of a Washington publisher.

“Thank you so much for designing our business cards and checking around for (printing) prices. You are such a dear!”

– Valerie, of Gardens of Fun, Caldwell, ID

3 thoughts on “Customer Comments

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks Perry, it was a pleasure. I trust the fund-raising is in full swing now and will build even more momentum as we get closer to the holidays.

  1. Jon Julnes

    Of ALL the designers I have EVER worked with, Kathy’s work stands head and shoulders above them all. On my top 5 list of people to call for any graphics…she’s all 5 of them.


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