Consequences of Student Loans

This is such an extremely important message! I have to say even though I was blessed to be able to finish school, I have a degree in my desired field, and even got a job in my profession … the pressure of student loan debt can be overwhelming. That is the ultimate understatement! The pressure is so intense that usually I will not think about it beyond the time it takes to make the monthly payment or during our family monthly “budget meeting”.

Recent college graduates are facing such high levels of debt, unmanageable levels of debt, that they’re holding off on having families, buying a car, buying a home, and being active community and citizen members in our country. So unfortunately, we are no longer seeing what the goal and the purpose of higher education is supposed to be founded on…  (Excerpt from YouTube “Student Debt: Denying the American Dream”)

Wanting to make a difference …
Work in your strengths …
Do something important …
Create a life around your passion …

These were the things that motivated me when, at age 24, I evaluated the price of my future in terms of student loans. College was all about proving something to myself — proving that I really could set goals and achieve them. Proving that I wasn’t as low as I was made to feel every day. Finding that I could push myself and contribute something amazing and then dig down a little deeper and find that I could even do better than that.

So is the cost of college worth the decades of sacrifice and stress that seems to follow? I’m not sure. many people are self taught entrepreneurs, others lie on their resumes to get a job to get experience, and others just seem so talented that someone took them in and apprenticed with them. Every day is a learning experience.

Is college worth possibly never having children?  If this is something you want out of life, you may want to have kids first…. At the time, I certainly had no intentions of having kids — but a lot changes in the time it takes to get your Bachelors degree. Each person will have to make up their own mind about that issue, no one can tell you what is best for you.

If you are thinking about college or maybe already finished, please learn to manage your money!  If that’s the only thing you focus on for the next year, I don’t care, but DO IT!

One possible solution to going to college minus the debt, see the video below. (I am not an affiliate, just a fan.)

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